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08.05.2017 Herdhy Rey

Me encantan los videos tienen muchas ideas

05.05.2017 Daniela Porcu

Wow! !

03.05.2017 Bubble Sphynx

I love this channel

01.05.2017 DanishAdam

Music. . Sad

28.04.2017 Fatimah Kamkoriwala

The girl is so cute

27.04.2017 Colleen McHugh

So waaaaaaaait a minute srry my typesinging stinks haha! Around the minute mark it s mommy kid time. It takes about seconds for the kid to obviously get bored playing let s play with our food today. She shakes her head no as mommy tries to get her to keep playing she tries to figure out why mommy is soooooo excited about those food stick things. Mommy than sends her off to learn how to either be the next harry houdini or the youngest cat burglar ever known! !

25.04.2017 Ana De Cruz

This are some cool hacks

20.04.2017 Sheema Asher

Who watched all the way to the end?

19.04.2017 Ruby is Online

The best channel ever d

16.04.2017 Pheonixia Gal

Do you ever look at a comment and say, i wish i commented that.


The kitty it s very cutie! I love cats!

12.04.2017 Mackenzie and Brianna Plays

Who else falls asleep watching this

11.04.2017 Tara Sharma

Please clearly mention the fabric or type of paper u r using in ur diys. . . . . It will help me a lot

09.04.2017 Tara Sharma

U r so creative. . . . . Like ur beautiful and innovative creations

08.04.2017 Tara Sharma

Pls mention all the material in written used during ur diy video. . . . Specially do it for this video. . . . .

05.04.2017 5-minutes craft

Minutes craft you deserves more than million subscribers

04.04.2017 Kulbir Singh

Ggggooooddd like this tune

03.04.2017 Anne Dahl

Who s watching this in

01.04.2017 Penny F

If you have seen this on september like my comment

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