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06.08.2017 abner

Dalas ya ido su crtica v?

04.08.2017 benjamin rojas cortes



Warum redest du nicht?


Why speek you not

27.07.2017 Will Palgan

I cant say this hacks are simple. Not everybody has a saw like that! !

25.07.2017 star vs the force of the evil

Ho my good waaoo excelent

24.07.2017 ZparityTheMajestic

I m sure we d all appreciate it if you d tell us where you get the tools and stuff for your videos?

22.07.2017 ceci moss

Let me go and buy a glue gun

21.07.2017 Taiba Mishe

From where we buy glue gun

18.07.2017 MC PROS

Hit like if you never see a black coka cola cover, i never see it in my whole life

17.07.2017 dragon_pro_gamer

Good job

14.07.2017 Zulema Philips

Thets play russin rulet . . . . . Every like dies

13.07.2017 you've learned about cats today

Face revel

11.07.2017 you've learned about cats today

Plez! ! !

10.07.2017 Philip Welter

Now it s time for crisps

08.07.2017 Avileena Dutta

Do we get glue guns in assam? ?

05.07.2017 Ahmed Mechali

Who came here to see the glued pencil?

04.07.2017 Robert Pozo

Simple? ?

01.07.2017 Traxx

Wow, some of these actually seemed helpful lol.

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