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31.10.2017 charles napoléon

Papier alu a ne pas faire surtout dans un tl commande.

30.10.2017 Daniel Bucur

At the clock power button is of and the clock is ticking

27.10.2017 Christian Darrall

Wow wrapping batterys in clingfilm?

25.10.2017 MixerLeD

Il video si dovrebbe chiamare come costruire delle bombe con delle batterie, sconsigliatissimo.

24.10.2017 Serena Naeem

All youtubers are cheating other youtuber s ideas

21.10.2017 L

What s with wrapping a battery in cellophane? Use a battery on your cell phone and scratch the crap out of it.

20.10.2017 Jamie Collins

I think he hurt him self there

18.10.2017 Trenton Burkheimer

The key one is a maybe. But what are the other ones for? They are so useless.

17.10.2017 ShamPa Zoom

Boring and useless

14.10.2017 tarstarkusz

You should always use a metal pointer on your tablet! Fucking idiots.

12.10.2017 Emiliano Valverde Nabergoj

Le cagaste lo de las llaves a otro dos un cagador hijo de puta tu mama me la chupa a toda

11.10.2017 Glenn Sprigg

I m a technician. For all the other related comments here, his multimeter is definitely at fault with the readings! ! ! Unless he s using american volts, as opposed to english metric volts. . . . . . Joking! ! . . .

08.10.2017 Joel Vo

You are fucking useless

07.10.2017 Chad Holmes

So where is the hacks some dufus playing with batteries is all i saw i should trust my instincts and steer clear of click bait rubbish

05.10.2017 John Heather

You can save a lot of money by bringing your old batteries back to life and re using them instead of buying new, overprice batteries. And this method is simple check details here https plus. Google. Com posts ct x kzgdnn , quick and anybody can do it.

02.10.2017 Speakershocker Hi-Fi Mehr als nur Technik

Nice video about batterie

30.09.2017 jim. c

I can t believe this stupid video got that many views i watched it for like min and just wanted to quit watching videos on youtube for good because of garbage like this i wish youtube would take useless videos down but they won t because they make crap load of money off advertisements and i also can t believe my eyes that this channel got million subs maybe i should start making stupid retarded content and i ll have six million plus subscribers and make crap a lot of money unbelievable hit that thumbs up button if you agree with me.

29.09.2017 Tim Chapman

Seriously? ! Does this video contain some secret message? Nice video quality though. The camera must be screaming!

26.09.2017 Randy M.

Hey i have an idea! Why not a hook to hang your keys on? Geez. . . .

24.09.2017 jon wilob

Well it s great to know i only need buy aaa batteries and a roll of tin foil now.

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